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We aim to assist you in transforming your manufacturing into a data-driven enterprise that can guarantee a stable future.

Benefits of Leveraging AI in Your Manufacturing Process


Reduction in downtime with AI


Improved Quality Control


Reduced Costs

Trusted Decision

With AI recommendations that are easy to understand, you can make faster and more efficient decisions.

Improved Workforce

Distribute domain expertise and decision-making at a large scale to improved dependability.

Overcome Business

Reduce risk by using agile AI that adapts to your business needs.

Enhance Digital

Launch and implement an AI strategy across your entire organisation.

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High-Value Industry Growth will be driven by Artificial Intelligence

Embrace AI to overcome challenges, improve efficiency, and save millions, setting the stage for a brighter manufacturing future.

AI for Predictive Maintenance

Improving Equipment Reliability and Efficiency

AI in Quality Control

AI automates and enhances quality control processes.

AI Production Optimization

Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Waste

AI in Supply Chain

Enhancing Forecasting, Logistics, and Inventory Management

AI Demand Forecasting

AI predicts future demand patterns, aiding production planning

AI-Driven Design and Prototyping

AI algorithms optimize designs based on specified parameters and constraints

AI-Driven Automated Assembly

AI-powered robots perform repetitive tasks with precision and speed.

AI for Safety and Compliance

AI algorithms monitor and predict safety incidents, reducing liabilities and promoting safer operations.

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It seemed like I was in a factory when I used Instrumental. The transparency provided by Instrumental resulted in more fast response and a higher level of care for our line, bringing us on pace with comparable clients with bigger volume.

Bill Maginn

Operations Engineering and NPI Leader, Axon

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