How to Prevent Claim Denials with Pre-Charting Your Recommendations

Healthcare artificial intelligence can help you prevent claim denials while expedite pre-charting recommendations. Here's how!

How to Prevent Claim Denials with Pre-Charting Your Recommendations

Healthcare Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers significant benefits to healthcare providers and their patients. One of the most important ways it does this is through helping them prevent unnecessary claim denials by pre-charting recommendations rather than waiting until after the treatment or procedure has been performed to code the patient’s records and submit them to the insurance company or other payer. The results are tremendous in terms of speed and cost savings, as well as better patient outcomes and satisfaction with the care they receive. It’s easy to see why these methods are growing in popularity among healthcare providers everywhere!

Healthcare Artificial Intelligence

What is Pre-Charting?

If a doctor has a system for pre-charting recommendations, she can confidently treat a patient, knowing she’ll receive payment for all of her efforts. An effective system depends on developing protocols and guidelines for each condition or illness. These should be tailored to specific scenarios that you may see every day. If you are able to anticipate how your patient will respond and handle them as soon as they come in through your door, then you’re more likely to succeed in getting reimbursed. The key is to make sure that your practice is well-equipped with an effective healthcare AI system. This technology can help streamline your workflow, so you have time to focus on patients rather than paperwork. The software also helps ensure compliance with federal regulations by providing feedback about codes and their proper use. In short, it ensures that when a claim is submitted, it’s done correctly from start to finish so there are no surprises when it comes time for reimbursement.

Advantages of Pre-Charting

Physicians aren’t always able to post-correct and code their treatments properly after a visit—particularly if they’re working in a busy hospital. This post-error approach, while common in most hospitals, is also one of the main causes for claim denials. By pre-charting your recommendations instead of post-charting, them, you can ensure 98% success rates on claims and reduce unnecessary stress during insurance claim processing. And by using healthcare AI, you can further automate these processes so that it takes just seconds for a patient to get approval.

Pre-charting healthcare AI

Few Risks of Pre-Charting

Sure, using pre-charting recommendations can help you hit a 98% success rate. But there are several other advantages that doctors often overlook. For starters, a machine is doing much of your work for you. This is both good and bad—it’s good because machine coding frees up more time for doctors to concentrate on what they do best: diagnosing patients and making intelligent recommendations. However, it’s also dangerous if we rely too heavily on technology.  Doctors should never completely trust machines; instead, they should use them as tools to streamline their workflow and double-check their results. 

The Future of Health Care AI

According to research by IBISWorld, one in five Americans will be treated by AI in their lifetime. If you’re not already pre-charting your recommendations, that number is bound to increase – and so are your risk of claims denials. Simply put, if you aren’t pre-charting before patient treatment, you are at risk for claim denials… which could mean less money for you. Fortunately, there’s a solution: healthcare AI. Healthcare AI uses machine learning to analyze clinical data and provides real-time recommendations based on each individual patient’s care plan. This allows healthcare providers to create charts without coding errors or delay time between charting and payment settlement. In fact, it can reduce time spent on administrative tasks by up to 50%. So, what does all of this mean? More money in your pocket. That’s why we recommend healthcare AI as an essential tool for any healthcare provider looking to stay ahead of change while maintaining profitability.

Why Pre-Chart Recommendations for quicker and simpler claims settlement?

Currently, medical coders are at a huge disadvantage. They are required to check and recheck their work when a claim is denied for being incomplete or incorrect. However, coding does not have to be such an error-prone, inefficient process. There is a better way! By pre-charting your recommendations and treating them as code – Healthcare AI can generate error-free claims from any condition whether it’s a chronic illness or an accident.

How to Get Started

Pre-Charting Recommendations are simple and easy to implement within a few months. Quadratyx AI has developed the process, the skillset, and platform so that it can be delivered as a service. If your practice focuses on preventative care, Pre-Charting allows you to take data from tests administered prior to making treatment recommendations. 

If you’re looking for long-term integrated solutions, Quadratyx AI has developed products that help patients track their health and lifestyle over time, claims processes easier and quicker to settle, prevent patient attrition and create a win-win solution in harmony with the patient, healthcare providers, and insurance companies.

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