Purchase Recommendation Engine for Businesses (PRE-B) is a business-to-business (B2B) Machine Learning based tool that provides purchase behavior recommendations to enhance the customer experience in retail and online outlets. PRE-B helps identify specific business constraints using enhanced mapping of the customer buying trends with the inventory and sales data. Its mobile-friendly user interface coupled with the agile features makes it an easy-to-use, customizable and affordable tool.

PRE-B guarantees you repeat customer engagements and transforms your business to provide efficient and pertinent services to your loyal customers.

Case Study

A leading FMCG distributor of global consumer brands delivers products on a periodic basis to outlets. Before implementing PRE-B, the sales representatives used to make inventory level recommendations based on the factors such as experience, stock keeping units records and promotions. However, the distributor faced challenges as sometimes the retailers used to reject such recommendations to stock the promoted products and at other times the distributor did not have enough stock to meet the ad hoc demand from the retailer. PRE-B assisted the sales representatives of the FMCG distributor to reengineer their logistics management by identifying and clustering the similar stores to gain an insight into their common trade patterns. In addition, PRE-B predicted the potential dollar value of the products and the quantity of items that a store would buy.