Cognitive Automation

At Quadratyx AI, we help you get faster insight from the data assets utilizing intelligent algorithms and machine learning. Implementation of cognition tools in the highly process-driven industries enables quick processing of redundant and time-consuming activities and transforms the businesses to scale up their operational efficacy. In addition, our cognitive automation solutions help you make intelligent decisions, enhance customer experience, and reduce customer response time.

Step 1

Scope analysis

On project assignment, we examine the project requirements and assess the scope of the project.

Step 2

Data Analysis

In this phase, we evaluate and process the available data. This phase also serves as the setup phase in the case of repeat deployment.

Step 3

Model Configuration

Model Configuration is our development phase, where the solution consists of big data, RPA, and OCR components and modules and interfaces.

Step 4

Quality Analysis

Here we test our solution with random sample data and evaluate the model’s accuracy. All cycles for improvement are performed to adjust the solution exactly as per requirements.

Step 5

Solution Deployment

The production-ready solution is deployed along with all other project release activities.

Step 6


Our solutions have inbuilt components which ensure that concerned staff is alerted via email or other real-time notifications when the system reports a confidence level lower than the benchmark.

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