Adaptive Road Route Optimization (ARRO) is a machine learning-based automation tool that helps to determine efficient travel routes for the field staff. ARRO optimizes the time and cost factors and considers the global and local constraints as parameters to extract precise insights that compute highly optimal travel routes for your field staff.

ARRO aligns with the modus operandi in diverse industries such as Banking, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Non-profit Organization, Government Services, Retail, Hospitality, Logistics, and FMCG.

Case Study

A leading Middle East based Dairy and Foodstuff company, which, at the beginning, dealt in 10 products, relied on spreadsheets for tracking the sales routes. However, the company grew to a portfolio of over 100 products requiring the sales staff to visit over 25 stores in a day with constraints and delays.The increased complexity resulted in large complicated spreadsheets, which often failed to provide the crucial information for planning sales routes. Quadratyx AI provided the ARRO solution that helped the FMCG company compute the optimized routes, resulting in on-time delivery, fewer trucks handling more deliveries, real-time visibility into delivery status for dispatch, reporting capabilities for effective decision-making, significant saving in distance and reduction in the number of routes.