Advanced Analytics

We, at Quadratyx AI, have designed, created and implemented predictive analytic solutions involving the estimation of probability of a future event, based on the historical data, to solve several real-world business challenges.

Our predictive analytics solution is built by a team of experts using solutions such as AWS, django, python, hosted on the cloud and can be accessed via the internet, which greatly benefits our customers. In addition, our processes and methodologies are well-defined to assist you with intelligent analytics and in-depth insights.

Our distinct process:
Step 1

Understanding the Scope

Understanding the Scope phase involves developing an understanding of client’s requirements, collecting sample data etc.

Step 2

Data Analysis

 Data Analysis phase involves formulation of strategy and also configuration in case of repeat deployment.

Step 3

Model Configuration

At the Model Configuration phase, the solution comprising big data and data science model building is initiated with the provided data sets and formulated strategy.

Step 4

Quality Analysis

Here we test our solution with sample data and verify the accuracy of the output generated. A few cycles of improvement may be necessitated based on the outcome solution deployment.

Step 5

Solution Deployment

The production ready solution is deployed along with the handover activities.

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